Review: Dancing Partners Triple Bill

Dance Ambassador Kelly McFarland reviews the international triple bill Dancing Partners at The Lowry

Dancing Partners Triple Bill features work from the Thomas Noone Dance Company, Company Chameleon and Norrdans.

The first piece of the night was Thomas Noone Dance Company’s ‘Brutal Love Poems’. The dancing in this was powerful and really drew you in. I could not take my eyes of the stage. The narrative of the piece was about the emotions we conceal and only show in those moments where we lose total control. The movements and music used worked well to create the numerous emotions and feelings going on in the piece. It was a strong and clever opening piece for the night.

Brutal Love Poems

Brutal Love Poems

Next up was ‘Push’ by Company chameleon. The narrative of this piece was about how touch can affect people both physically and mentally. It was strong and powerful piece of work. The lifts that the duo performed were technically brilliant and the chemistry that the dancers have when they work with each other adds to the emotion and feel of the piece, it made me as if I was the one feeling the emotions playing out on stage and not the dancers.



The final piece of the night was Norrdans ‘Beautiful Beast’. I think this piece was beautiful. It was a nice touch to have the singers and musicians on stage with the dancers. It added so much to the piece and it was if you were transported to another world. The use of the chairs as props added a fun element to it. The dancers were wonderful; they seemed to really thrive off having the singer and musician on stage. The narrative was about being free and the dancers certainly conveyed this. It was a nice way to end a wonderful evening of dance.

Beautiful Beast

Beautiful Beast

Dancing partners is at The Lowry until Fri 21 March – book tickets

Watch the trailer for the show:


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