U.Dance – Uniting the youth dance of today, inspiring us for tomorrow.

With only 2 days to go until U.Dance NW 2014 is underway, Dance Ambassador Danielle tells us of her U.Dance experiences so far and why she looks forward to coming back each year.

The annual event of U.Dance is a platform for youth dance across England to share their work in large scale performances. Unlike many youth performance platforms U.Dance is a full day and a full experience. From the moment you enter the venue to the end of the performance you will be dancing, meeting new people, and learning new skills. Then the next stage of the competition allows two groups from each performance across England to perform on a national scale. 

I have attended U.Dance for the past 3 years and will also be performing at U.Dance at the Lowry on Sunday 23rd March 2014. I am a member of Commotions – the youth dance company based at the Lowry. Our piece this year is a sequel to the piece we performed for signatures called “Captive”. It is based on being trapped in a confined place against your own will or in a monotonous routine. The piece was based upon the work of 2 Faced Dance Company. We explored the effects of having outer forces acting upon our bodies and you not being the force that is in control of your own actions. I can`t wait to perform this piece and I feel U.Dance gives the opportunity to be able to do so; along with many very talented dance groups.

Dance Offensive Workshop

I feel U.Dance is an amazing experience and I feel privileged to be a part of it. The full day is carefully planned out so that every group gets to attend various workshops. These workshops could vary from contemporary to street dance or Indian dance and there is a great variety of styles. Personally my favourite workshop I have done at U.Dance was bangra. I loved this style as it worked very closely with rhythms and was extremely different to any style I had done before. I would recommend U.Dance to any dance group as it is a platform to share your work, and learn from others and an amazing day.

Have a look this video, created by Youth Dance England to see exactly what U.Dance is and why so many support it!

Danielle Pollitt-Walmsley – Lowry Youth Dance Ambassador


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