U.Dance- broadening dance horizons

Dance Ambassador Champion Danielle Pollitt-Walmsley talks of her expereinces at UDance Northwest in March.

The amazing weekend of U.Dace sadly came to a close after a non-stop; action packed two days of excitement. I was involved as a part of commotions youth dance company who performed on the Sunday.

U.Dance is such an amazing opportunity that all youth dance groups should get involved in. It enables you to perform on a stage as prestigious as the Lowry and also provides you with a full day of workshops to broaden your horizons in dance. U.Dance allows you to experience something new and experiment with other dance styles that you may never have attempted before and all with the support of professionals in their particular field to enhance your experience.


Dannielle and the rest of Commotions Youth Dance Company.

Dannielle and the rest of Commotions Youth Dance Company.

This year there were four different workshops that were on offer for the groups. These included working with; Phoenix Dance Theatre, Tom Bowes Dance, ballet Lorent, and the Lowry CAT program. I was privileged to be able to work with both Tom Bowes Dance and Phoenix Dance Theatre.

Udance Tom Bowes

Both workshops were very different but both extremely inspiring. We learnt repertoire from both of the companies and were then supported in creative tasks based upon work from the choreography that we learnt.



It was a fantastic opportunity to be able to work with such brilliant dancers and learn about the way they work to support us for the future.


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