Review: The Five & the Prophecy of Prana

Emma Liu jumped at the chance to watch ‘The Five and the Prophecy of Prana’ at The Lowry last night and was inspired by Boy Blue Entertainment.

Promising to feature ‘dazzling visual frames and a dynamic fusion of martial arts and hip-hop’, The Five and the Prophecy of Prana started off with a fast-paced opening act, the dancers wore intense hooded capes and the audience were treated to an impressive animated comic backdrop which set the tone for the entire show and raised high expectations at an early stage.

HG3_1868-660x440Battle Action Shot – ‘The Five & the Prophecy of Prana’

Set in modern Tokyo, ‘The Five and the Prophecy of Prana’ is a narrative dance, based on 5 youngsters that are about to be sentenced to go to jail for different crimes. Until a master named Wang Tang, offers to train, discipline and teach them the foundations of martial arts in exchange for them going to jail. As time passes, the master and youngsters are drawn into a power struggle causing them to separate and battle, until they eventually realise that peace is what they aspire to most.

The show choreographed by Kenrick ‘H20’ Sandy, displayed mesmerising sections with intricate martial art movements and sharp hip-hop phrases which helped display how dynamic and versatile the cast were. The athleticism and strength of the dancers were inspiring as the power and sheer physicality of the movements certainly helped to portray the ‘ultimate goal’ storyline throughout, making it a believable and outstanding piece. I have to say one particular dancer for me stood out, Jeffrey Felicisimo who played master Wang Tang was remarkable. I particularly enjoyed the fierce Krump scenes which were very entertaining and made you want to cheer as the battles carried out! My favourite dance scenes overall though, has to be the electrifying unison sections featured in the second act, in which dancers performed complex marital art movements, tutting, b-boying, house dance, slow-mo battle scenes and acrobatics.

HG3_0237-660x440A fusion of hip-hop dance and martial arts – ‘The Five & the Prophecy of Prana’

Described as “cleverly conceived and entertaining”  the performance was unique and the narrative, special effects and concept fusion of the arts was admirable. Most scenes involved brilliant visuals including a manga Japanese comic backdrop. Dancers would step into the comic strip inself, transforming the stage into frames! The backdrop visuals certainly were very impressive, which at times felt like it was so engaging that it actually drew your attention away as you could feel your eyes peeling away from the dance to concentrate on the setting and surroundings.

HG3_1906-660x440A tutting and break dance action shot – ‘The Five & the Prophecy of Prana’

The show was composed by Michael ‘Mikey J’ Asante and highlighted upbeat music in what I can only describe as a mixture of house, hip-hop, Chinese and Japanese music! It also contained over dubbing dialogue and Asian inspired themes which helped give it that authentic feel whilst adding just the right amount of comedy that would certainly appeal overall, to children and adults alike making it a fun family show.


Feel like watching ‘The Five and the Prophecy of Prana?’  Don’t worry, you can still catch the final performance tonight! Don’t forget to use the promocode YDA!

To access your £5 tickets offer (limited to 2 tickets max per person) use the promotional code YDA and click on the link The Five and the Prophecy of Prana Offer alternatively book your tickets over the phone by contacting the box office 08432086000.

The last performance of ‘The Five and the Prophecy of Prana’ at The Lowry:
Wednesday 12th November – 7:30pm

Find out more about Boy Blue Entertainment


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