A Chance To Check Out Company Chameleon Rehearsals

With only a couple of days to go before the premiere of Company Chameleons exciting new piece ‘Beauty of The Beast’ eager Youth Dance Ambassador Johanna Hadley gets the exciting opportunity to check out the rehearsals. Read on as she shares her experience with us…


As we sneaked into a warm rehearsal studio, dancers dotted around the studio, seemingly all in their own world, were busy stretching or practicing sections of choreography. In one corner was Anthony Missen, Artistic Director and co-founder of Company Chameleon sat huddled around a laptop screen with composer, Miguel Marin. Short bursts of music played through the speakers, with Anthony and Miguel in deep discussion, before Anthony suddenly walked over to the front of the studio and commenced the next run-through of part of Beauty of the Beast.

A single dancer lay in the middle of the room, completely still and unmoving, as the almost haunting music began playing. Another dancer wandered into the middle of the studio, staring intensely at the person lay in front of him, before commencing in an emotional duet. Beauty of the Beast follows a group of male friends who are forced to question and reconsider just how far they will go to fit in, whilst exploring their own identity and behavior. I found myself completely captivated, and unable take my eyes off the performance – especially whilst watching the incredibly dark, yet athletic solo performed by Lee Clayden. The emotions and characters portrayed were very thorough, and never only surface-deep – every movement drew you into the story just that little bit more.


Despite only catching a small snippet of rehearsal, what I did see was captivating, and one can only imagine what the rest of the piece must be like.


Company Chameleon Beauty of the Beast premieres this Wednesday 22nd October.


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