Abbie Williams Reviews Beauty and The Beast

New recruit to the Dance Ambassadors Abbie Williams (aged 11) writes about her experiences coming to see Birmingham Royal Ballet’s Beauty and the Beast


Wednesday 24th September, I was lucky enough to be invited to The Lowry  to watch Beauty and the Beast ballet being performed by the Birmingham Royal Ballet.

As the audience took to their seats the lighting dimmed, the live orchestra began to play as the curtain opened, and the ballet began.

From start to finish the show was totally breath taking, and was full of excitement and graceful movement from the moment Belle took to the stage.

I was really impressed with the costumes the dancers were wearing, and if I had not been lucky enough to go backstage I wouldn’t have been able to appreciate just how delicate the costumes were. In fact one of the dancers explained how old and delicate the costumes were. Going backstage allowed us to get close to the props to see how detailed everything was. It gave me an insight to how a ballet is run by the company from the backstage runners to the performers and I highlighted how everyone had an important role to play. The show itself I enjoyed immensely I was enthralled by the stage set, lighting and sheer brilliance of the dancers. I would defiantly recommend the ballet and other productions by the Birmingham royal ballet to anyone.

Beauty and the Beast is at The Lowry until Sat 27 September:


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