REVIEW: Boxe Boxe

Dance Ambassador Alfie Moulson, age 10, shares his review of Compagnie Kafig’s latest show Boxe Boxe and tells us why it’s a sure-fire hit and why he gives it…

4 stars out of 5

I went to see Boxe Boxe at The Lowry. Compagnie Kafig are a French company and this show has all male dancers and musicians. I really liked this show, the choreography was like hip-hop dancing or street dance but the music was classical and that contrast really worked.

BOXE BOXE 2 M. Cavalca (1)
Boxe Boxe mixes boxing and dancing. All the performers were dressed like boxers wearing gym clothes and boxing gloves – except one who was dressed as a referee with a fat tummy costume. The set was like a boxing gym with a boxing ring that everyone jumped out of like puppets. The colours of the costumes and set were mainly black, white and red which was very theatrical and reminded me of the blood you might see during a boxing match.

BOXE BOXE 6 -R M. Cavalca (1)
The dancing was great, athletic, energetic and strong. The musicians were on stage and the dancers made it seem like boxing and dancing are similar things. The audience LOVED the show, the company had to come back on stage 3 times! And at the very end all of the dancers did a little solo which were very impressive. Then I stayed for the Q & A session which was good – I thought they did a really great job of answering questions in English although one woman did ask them a question in French. They all came across like really nice guys. If you get a chance you should go and see this exciting production.

BOXE BOXE 3 M. Cavalca

Review by Alfie Moulson, age 10.


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