#danceanywhere – the winners

As you might be aware we’ve been hunting down the top #danceanywhere images and with consultation from Special Exhibitions Curator Kate Farrell a group of Dance Ambassadors selected 5 winners which are now in display in The Lowry’s new exhibition In the Frame: Dance on Film.

Here are the well deserved winners and dance ambassadors Kelly, Vicki and Hannah explain why we chose these ones.

Lowry Bridge

Kelly: We chose this one as it was a great shot of Salford Quays and the colours and the position of the dancer, all combined to create a lovely photo.

winner 2

Vicki: I really think this photo encompasses the dance anywhere theme, because to me that theme means you can bring beauty to any place through the means of dance. Even though it is subtle, this photo is full of effortless beauty despite the grungy surroundings.winner 5

Hannah: I loved this picture as it is a very beautiful and powerful image. The softness of the Ballerinas tutu against the hard tiles looks very striking.
winner 4

Kelly: We chose this as visually it’s beautiful. The dancer stands out against the back drop and the angle the shot was captured, shows off the bridge and building behind in the best way.


Vicki: The dancer in this is very precariously balanced on the post, but it’s very obvious that she is just having fun. I like how the dancer is mirroring the tree behind her, with her legs and body as the trunk and her arms the branches.

The exhibition is now open at The Lowry until 27 July and no excuses its FREE entry!

As well as seeing these stunning images printed and displayed there are also some fascinating dance films to discover including,  New York City Ballet’s New Beginnings – a moving film for two dancers shot at dawn at World Trade Centre 4 in New York in 2013; to a documentary that charts the lives of two principal ballet dancers who have been partners in life and dance for over 50 years.

New York City Ballet - New Beginnings

New York City Ballet – New Beginnings 

Keep posted as we’ll be covering some of the runner ups that caught our eyes but didnt quite make the winning 5…

Finally don’t forget to keep dancing and snapping for some more amazing #danceanywhere images – see all of the entries – do you have a favourite?


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