Undergraduates #DanceAnywhere Platform

Hi I’m Laura, I am a Dance Ambassador at the Lowry and alongside two other ambassadors Amy and Katie have created an opportunity for Undergraduate dance artists to be able to showcase either work they have choreographed or their excellent dance abilities (in most cases both!) We have had a number of great submissions and we are proud to have put together a number of groups who will perform as a collective as a pre-show performance.

We have had a great time organising the event and feel extremely passionate about developing platforms for undergraduate dancers and choreographers to be able to perform and showcase their talents before graduating. We were pleased to have such talented entrees and look forward to the performance on Thu 13 March (more details below). Please come along and show your support!

Exciting pre show performance

A selection of undergraduates wishing to showcase their exceptional dance abilities or choreographic skills were selected to perform by The Youth Dance Ambassadors here at The Lowry. The groups are taking part in an event which not only gives them the opportunity to showcase their dance abilities and/or choreography whilst performing in a site-specific area but also the opportunity to take part in a pre-show performance to 12 Degrees North.

The applicants are all undergraduate students in their third year of study at Universities across the North-West and have been given the opportunity to showcase their dance abilities and/or choreographed work on a higher platform than they would normally.

The programme of combined pieces features a 10 minute long piece to First Breath after Coma’ by Explosions in the Sky which is to be performed site-specifically in The Quays Bar prior to the performance by 12 Degrees North.

The event is presented by NorthWestDance:The Lowry Youth Dance Partnership, a collective of organisations working in partnership with Youth Dance England and the Department for Education Music and Dance Scheme. Together we provide and champion high quality dance in all its forms, for all children, young people, and youth dance leaders throughout the region; promoting increased access to opportunities, raising standards and improving progression routes.

About the 12 North’s show

12 Degrees credit nicola selby

12◦ North, the fresh and dynamic North West Graduate Dance Company, premieres new work by the talented and award winning choreographer, James Wilton. His dance is daring, spectacularly physical, accessible and with infectious energy.

In contrast, Lea Anderson (Artistic Director of The Cholmondleys and Featherstonehaughs) creates, fascinating, challenging and visually stunning dance theatre which bursts with idiosyncratic movement.

Emma  Lansley presents her trio ‘Talking to Mia and Butch’,  a  quirky dance theatre piece with a light twist, focussing on the complex lives of three socially awkward individuals.  With music by Kate Bush and a hint of lemons, this is humorous and heart-warming dance.

A dazzling display of super-physical dance theatre from North West artists.


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