Jaw dropping and breathtaking – Hofesh Shechter’s Sun

Dance Ambassador Danielle writes about Hofesh Shechter ahead of the performance Sun coming to The Lowry next week. 



Jaw dropping and breathtaking. You’ll be gripping hold of your seat in anticipation and your eyes will be glued to the stage. Hofesh Shechter’s work will give you goose bumps and send shivers down your spine while you watch in admiration. The new show Sun by Hofesh Schechter is coming to the Lowry on 11th February, and you are guaranteed to be amazed and astounded.

Hofesh Shechter's Sun 10 Image Gabriele Zucca


In 2012 Hofesh Shechter brought the indescribable and hard hitting Political Mother to the Lowry. This piece works very closely with music with a live band on stage along with the dancers. This creates extreme tension and an amazing but intense atmosphere. The dance piece has a strong political message behind it that is enhanced by the integration of movement with music. This show left a strong message and transported everyone to a place away from the stage and the Lowry and into a new world.

Political Mother

Political Mother

After graduating from the Jerusalem Academy for Dance and Music Hofesh moved to Tel Aviv and joined Batsheva Dance Company. When he was here he studied drum and percussion which he then continued to studies at the Agostiny College of Rhythm in Paris. Hofesh then began to develop his own music and was involved in various projects involving dance, theatre and body percussion in Europe, before coming to UK in 2002. The Hofesh Shechter dancers are all extremely talented and it is a multi cultural dance company with dancers coming from Eygpt, London, Paris, Taiwan and many more countries across the globe.


Hofesh Shechter

Personally I can’t wait to watch the new show Sun by Hofesh as Political Mother was so powerful and exploded over the stage. The impact of the show was so strong that the images and parts of the show remained vividly in my head for days. I would recommend the show to everybody who wants to see a performance that will constantly make you think and leave a long lasting effect.  All music lovers and physical theatre lovers will completely enjoy the show as it is such a moving but fascinating piece.

Sun is at The Lowry for one night only on Tue 11 February – find out more


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