Dance highlights of 2013 and top tips for 2014!

Charlie Rachwal, Marketing Executive at The Lowry gives us the lowdown on her favourite dance treats from past year and some tips on what to look forward to in 2014. 

New Years is the time to look back at the year just gone and look ahead to the future, so I thought I’d share some of my personal dance highlights of 2013 and to what dance treats lie ahead.

To kick off 2013 was the hilarious Trocks! I’m not exaggerating when I say their performances make me cry with laughter and their special rendition of the dying swan brings a smile to my face even now.

TROCKS_Black Swan

Another highlight for me was Sutra. I first saw this show back in 2010 as part of International Dance Festival Birmingham. I had told everyone I knew that this was an amazing show, a must-see, you won’t fail to be amazed. I have to say as I sat down in my seat for the performance I was little nervous it wouldn’t stand up to my glowing recommendations. But it didn’t fail me and once again amazed me as well as my friends, colleagues and dance ambassadors I had persuaded to go along and see it.

ALI & MONKS 2010 007

My final dance highlight of 2013 is from a couple of months ago with Rambert’s The Castaways. The final piece in the collection of 4 dance shows was a world premiere by American Choreographer Barak Marshall. It was an end to a very long day and I was starting to get a sleepy when the curtain went up for the final time but from beginning to end it entranced me. From the storytelling to the beautiful costumes and styling to the incredible choreography – this was a show right up my street and definitely makes it into my dance highlights of the year!

New Image 2 castaways

Now onto the future and there are a few things coming to The Lowry next year that are in my diary already.

First of all Hofesh Shechter’s new work Sun. I have seen 3 previous shows from Hofesh and they all have something in common, they are loud, aggressive and unique, so this makes it to my must see list.

Hofesh Shechter's Sun 10 Image Gabriele Zucca

Next up is Boxe Boxe which is your classic boxing inspired French Hip-Hop show! I had the chance to see the show back in October in Paris ahead of it coming to The Lowry and wasn’t sure what to expect but I absolutely loved the show. It was funny, impressive and just great fun to watch so is definitely one of my recommendations for 2014.

Boxe Boxe Compagnie Käfig

Finally my last must see has to be Lord of the Flies. Created by Matthew Bourne’s New Adventures and featuring young local talent from across the North West I am intrigued and excited to see this dance adaptation of the classic novel.

Lotf Glasgow Photo

So that wraps up my favorites from last year and my top tips for 2014 and I’m just going to leave you with this trailer which covers some of the dance highlights coming up at The Lowry in the new year.





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