Dance Anywhere

Over the past few weeks our Dance Ambassadors have been stretching their muscles and tapping their toes. Nothing unusual about that you say? Fair enough, our ambassadors are known for being full of energy and passion; we can imagine them dancing every day of the week. No it is not the nature of the dance that has been turning heads; but the location.

Johanna Dance in the Street

Taking the Shakespearean statement “all the world’s a stage” to new heights, our ambassadors have been swapping brogues for ballet shoes and letting their toes do the talking. Using the world wide web  as a platform the dancers have been tweeting pictures of their impromptu performances and tagging it with #danceanywhere

Rachel Dance in Lytham

We have seen our ambassadors dancing in supermarkets, in woodland, halfway up a mountain and halfway out to sea. They have been dancing in the sunshine, in the rain and dancing as the sun goes down. Waiting for trams and waiting for classes to start our ambassadors really do dance anywhere. If this has tickled your fancy have a look at the story so far.

Amy Dance up a Mountain

As the old adage says you can’t have too much of a good thing. So we want more. Much more. Don’t let them stop coming. Keep an eye on our twitter pages to see what eveyone else is up to, and lets see if we can come up with more surreal settings for our dancing.

Carina Dance Graffiti

I will leave you with one final piece of inspiration; a traffic officer that knows how to keep his day bright.


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